Optimizing the Event Planning Experience for Consumers, Service Providers & Hospitality Sales Teams


The Challenge:

Every Banquet Event Order Generation take an enormous toll on the Sales Teams. Current tools and processes not only take the joy out of closing deals for sales teams but also put additional stress on customers and make event planning and execution a nightmare. 


The Solution:

Next Generation CRM + Next Generation Meeting/Banquet Planning Tool


Key Features:

Client Management

• Search, filter and segment new prospect to effectively follow through.
• Organize clients profile and set up follow-up reminders in the dashboard.
• Manage clients and digital Campaigning based on the client's type (corp. vs. govt. vs. SMERF vs. leisure vs. others) and nature of events booked
• Setup Auto Reminders based on client's advance booking window.
• Maintain list of decision makers, contact person and their profile.
• Maintain history of events booked at the hotel as well as at the competitors.

Event Management

• Book resources – banquet / meeting rooms, guest rooms, audio-video and other resources.
• Select menu and set up banquet layout and seating diagrams with ease.
• Electronic Detailing

Quoting & Invoice

• Fast and efficient quote generation using pre-defined or free form temple.
• Enabling quote delivery by email or fax.
• Automated reminder for follow-up and capturing the log for future call.
• Fast and easy invoice generation with email and fax capabilities

Contract Management

• Quick and efficient automated contract generation
• Editable contractual form to make exception
• Editable free form text to include special notes
• Ability to email or fax the contract
• Finalizing the contract and collecting the deposit



• Payment posting
• Generating follow-up letter
• Generating and emailing surveys to event planner and participants
• Capturing survey results for future events.
• Social media and referrals


 Next Steps

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