Annem Jayadeep Reddy

Motorbikes, Road Trips, Listening to Music

Annem Satish Reddy


Ashok Chilukuri

Spirituality, Farming, Chemicals and Biology

Chidara Rajalinga Murthy

Diwakar Kuruba

Art, Travelling, Spirituality

Dorathy Sandhya Singari

Music-All forms, Outdoor games, Watching/Reading NGC / Discovery

Gangula Sai Subba Reddy

Spirituality, Travelling, Technology

Girish Kumar P


Koralla Tejaswini

Badminton, Dancing, Satellites

Katta Srinivas

Singing, Cricket, Knowing about Agriculture

Narender Rathod

Art, Traveling, Cooking

Naveen Kumar Daghay

Panchumarthi V Bhargavi

Art, Spirituality, Poetry

Rajesh Mohandas

3d Art and Animation, Nature


Numismatics, Badminton,playing cards, Nature

Sanne Bhargavi Aishwarya

Music/ Exploring on New Alphabet Scripts, Gyming, Walking, Travelling New Places, Spending time with Family and Friends

Sammeta Phani Kumar

Spirituality, Volleyball, Writing storylines

Shaik Sajeed Pasha

Family/Friends Gathering, Knowing about Religion

Sheikh Abdul Majeed

Spirituality, Dance/Music

Swarajyalakshmi Cheetirala

Education, Badminton, Visiting new places

Vamsi Alla

Veeravelli Prasen Gupta

Photography, workout, Art(Grayscale)

Venkata Naidu Yerramsetti

Watching News/Reading News, Listening to Music

Abdul Khadar MD

History & Space, Documentary, Cricket & Quiz

Adi Buddhavarapu

Founder, CEO
"Life is short. Everyone deserves remarkable experiences everyday.. in every walk of life.
Carnatic, Tennis, Spirituality"

Lax Chepuri

Co-Founder, President
"Our ability to acquire and retain talent is one of our key strengths"

Fernando Lecaros

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Travel, Photography, Gadgets
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